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Senator Nicole Poore

Senator Nicole Poore

Delaware State Candidate Nicole Poore Introduced by Delaware Governor Jack Markell in 2012

About Senator Nicole Poore

Lifelong New Castle County resident Senator Nicole Poore is a family-oriented professional who consistently demonstrates how hard work, dedication, integrity and solid family values are paramount to achieving family, personal, and professional goals. Senator Poore and her husband Bill have been married for 18 years. Bill has been a member of the Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers Union since 2002. Senator Poore and Bill have three beautiful children, 7-year-old Luke, 12-year-old Alexis, and 13-year-old Nicholas, who was delivered 9 weeks premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

“When Nick was born, it was a frightening time for Bill and me,” Senator Poore says. “We prayed a lot, but we could sense Nick’s will to fight. I don’t know whether our family could have survived losing him, but I do know that his fighting spirit has taught us that we can definitely survive whatever life brings us.

Dedicated Mother and Wife

Never afraid of a challenge, Senator Poore knows what it’s like to work a lengthy workweek and then come home and be a mom and wife.

“I make the time and maintain the energy to manage a busy family,” says Senator Poore. “Just like other working moms and dads, I get it. I fully understand the demands of family and career, and I know the issues that we all face. I believe you have to invest as much time in your family life as you do your work life even though it can be exhausting at times. There are proven positive results and that’s why we, as parents, do whatever we have to do to support our families.”

A Caring Advocate

As an advocate for the Delaware community, Senator Poore uses her experience, network, influence, and superb communication skills to bring issues directly to those who have the power to make a difference. Whether it’s making early morning, mid-afternoon or late-night phone calls to fight for equal insurance benefits, or meeting directly with Delaware lawmakers to gain approvals for grants and funding initiatives, Senator Poore always goes the extra mile to affect positive change.

Prior to serving in the Delaware Legislature, Senator Poore was responsible for:

  • Raising awareness about the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding by working directly with the Delaware Joint Finance Committee
  • Raising funds for the John G. Leach School playground refinishing program
  • Serving as an Adviser for Collaborative Effort to Reinforce Transition Success (C.E.R.T.S ) to assist with transitioning disabled children to adulthood in which Nicole was instrumental in procuring funding from the Speaker of House Convention.

District 12 State Senator

As the Delaware State Senator in the 12th District, Nicole Poore will:

  • Be your voice for healthcare.  Nicole will ensure access to quality, affordable health care for our children, our seniors and special needs families.
  • Be your voice for education.  Nicole will work to make sure our schools provide a safe and secure learning environment and that teachers and students have the tools they need to succeed.
  • Be your voice for open government.  Nicole will fight for the accountability, transparency and a budget that prioritizes spending and services.


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