Delaware State Senator Nicole Poore

Working for the Families and the Future
of the 12th District

I want to thank the residents of the 12th District for electing me to the Delaware Senate. I campaigned on the promises of helping the families of the 12th District and strengthening our collective futures, and I am pleased that I was able to have immediate impact during the first session of the 147th General Assembly.  In addition to working to pass our budgets, I worked with members of our community and fellow lawmakers on multiple key issues that arose in late 2012 and early 2013.  I sponsored or co-sponsored bills focused on economic policy, guns and crime, health and social services, energy and environment, education, open government, consumer protection, and social policy, including HB-75 that repealed the state’s version of the Defense of Marriage Act and allows same-sex couples to legally marry.  I am happy to represent you in various committees, including the Senate Administrative Services/Elections, Senate Children, Youth & Families, Senate Education, Senate Labor & Industrial Relations, Senate Small Business, and Senate Sunset Committees, as I keep the needs of the 12th District in mind.  I’ve had many great discussions with residents of the 12th District about key issues, and I welcome future dialog. Please continue to contact me with your feedback because your voice matters.  Sincerely,  Senator Poore

Delaware Senator Nicole Poore

Delaware Senator Nicole Poore speaks with the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce


Nicole Poore speaking with IBEW members.

Nicole Poore speaking with IBEW members.